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Website Notable Features

Paradoxica.ca - Gary Nixon, PhD, Registered Psychologist

Gary wanted something creative, and powerful. Lots of images that can invoke emotion and express both light and dark, hope and despair.
Azureacres.ca Breeders The owner can add/remove Llamas herself at any time with no special technical knowledge. There is also a news and random facts system that she can update to keep the website fresh and interesting.
BV Projects (Bitron.ca)
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A customized 100% flash site. Bitronize.com is great product that actually saves you money. Very interesting product, and an exciting site. Done all in flash from a template to save money on design.

Direct-AG Services Ltd.
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Grain and equipment auctions, discussion forums, members only areas with weekly newsletter downloads. Owner can manage website and upload newsletters with no special technical knowledge. Scrolling news ticker is updated by owner.
PowerTrain Savers Large, ever changing site. A Dealer locator is among the various features this site utilizes.
Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships This client can update their courses, facilitators, and course scedule themselves at any time. The site was built by another local company, but we cleaned it up, and added PHP coding so they could update it themselves.

Old Prairie Dog’s Internet Corral
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Rural online community. Message board, writing samples and much more.

The Movie Mill
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Self manageable site with subscriber mail out capabilities. Movie listings are entered into a database by the owner at his own schedule.
Lethbridge Housing Authority Large site for community housing.
Morgan Comtec Owner updatable website.

Windiana Farms Llama Breeders
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Owner can add/remove Llamas herself at any time with no special technical knowledge.

ServiceMaster Clean Lethbridge
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Owner can add/remove pages and change the content them selves at any time. No Webmaster required.
Fruition Studio - Yoga, Pilates Flash intro animation. Attractive design. Updated regularly.
Gouw Quality Onions Owner can receive feedback from visitors though an online guest book.
Herwig Log Homes Log homes and log products sales.

Marquis Flowers
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The owner built the website, but we provided some support and installed the secure ordering capabilities including the secure certificate installation.

Puppycat Ragdolls
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The owner wanted cute colourful and musical and was quite happy with what she received. This owner can also receive feedback from visitors though an online guest book.




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