Internal Company Uses

Websites and custom made software can be used to provide access to office forms, communications (message boards, email etc.), or a complex database offering specialized functionality.

Storing data online and allowing access to it by a number of employees means that as the data changes, it need only be updated in one location. This allows everyone to have access to current information at a lower cost.

Message boards and other such devices, may be used to offer employees from various locations a more expeditious means of communication.

Bear Media is a forward thinking multimedia design company that specializes in website design, web-hosting, promotional CD-ROMs, custom made software, animation, graphic design, and domain name registrations . We are a local company centered in Lethbridge, Alberta and believe in promoting our community.

2 Major Advantages of using Bear Media:

Strong loyalty and trust between our company and our clients. We endeavor to assist you in defining your project to be productive and exciting and cost efficient.

Our broad range of services offer you:

Easy support - If anything comes up you only need to make one phone call and everything will be looked after

A strong corporate identity - keeping graphics, slogans and content consistent throughout all aspects of corporate media.

Lower cost to you -Our familiarity with company slogans, regulations and physical computer files such as graphics would keep us in a position to provide quicker service.


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